This website (hereinafter referred to as "our site") is operated by a penguint read (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). Terms of Use is for everyone to use our sites and use the service. Thank you very much for reading before using this site.

In addition, we may add new additions and updates without prior notice, without prior notice, as a result of service improvement. By using this site, we will agree to this terms and conditions. Please note.

About Privacy

When using this site,privacy policyPlease understand about our privacy protection efforts.

About Online Shopping

about the order

Users can order and purchase products by this site or email.
When purchasing a product, the user shall be ordered and purchased the product according to the method of our company. If you can not follow the terms established by our company, you may not refuse the order. In addition, if the product is not received by cash on delivery or payment by cash on delivery, if the product is not received, the cost and fees may be charged, and the order will be refused.
If the order is not accepted due to the Internet failure, other involvents, we are not responsible.

When canceling order from our company

If the case is applicable to the following cases, sales and shipments may be canceled.

  • If bank transfer is selected and payment can not be made without confirmation of payment, if you can not contact us by phone or email
  • Cash on delivery is selected and the absence continues, and if not delivered, if you can not contact you by phone or email
  • When ordering and returning are repeated
  • When ordered by disposable email address or non-existence telephone number
  • If the product price etc. of this site are incorrectly written due to the reasons such as system failure
  • If the delivery destination is a post and transfer service
  • When the return is repeated many times
  • In addition, when we judge that we are inappropriate

Price information

All display prices on this site are tax included
If incorrect price information is displayed on this site, we will adjust the price as follows.
If the price of the correct product is lower than the amount displayed on the site, a request for low amounts will be charged, and if already paid, the difference will be refunded.
If the price of the correct product is higher than the amount displayed on the site, we will notify the user before shipping from us to the user's correct amount of money, and you may wish to request a user. On top of that, we will confirm your order or cancel.
Product prices may change due to sale. After purchase, if the product price changes, it can not respond to the refund of that difference.
* For more information, see the Display on Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

Reproduction and reprinting text

It is not permitted to reprint the content of our site, such as the product description, the brand description and the content of the blog, and to reprint it to the web and printed matter. In the case of unauthorized reproduction, we will charge 50,000 yen as the original fee.

About photo reprint

On this site, we use photos that have received permission from each brand and photos taken down with us. If you use photos taken down by our company, we sell at 30,000 yen per 30,000 yen. If used without permission, we charge 50,000 yen with a loss of 20,000 yen per sheet.

In addition, direct links to resources that contain photos are prohibited because they are loaded on the server. If you find it, you will receive legal action as a power business interference and charge damages.


We do not have any responsibility regardless of the matters determined in the following articles.

  • Usage of this site and product damage, loss, disadvantageous responsibility for products traded at this site
  • Any damage caused by the user did not use this site
  • Design, menu, function, URL, content change or deletion of content that takes place without notice
  • Damage caused by the customer's access, use, misuse, and the phenomenon caused by customers' access, use, misuse
  • Any damage when personal information leaks due to a fact that it is necessary to attrude criminal acts, natural disasters, impossible drags and other responsibilities by a third party
  • Change, interruption, cancellation, stop, abolition, unauthorized access, or damage to users who occurred in relation to other sites
  • Damage caused by the user's management inadequate, etc. regarding any personal information registered on this site
  • Damage caused by the delivery company or third party due to the product purchased from this site
  • Damage to other users or third parties by using this site. The user will solve your own responsibility and expenses and do not give any inconvenience.